Florida Biking Destinations

Stan Loomis and Naomi on MotorcyclesStan Loomis, has a number of hobbies, and has extensive experience with two of his greatest life passions: riding his motorcycle (named Big Dog Wolf) and travelling the world with his family.

Stan Loomis and his wife, Naomi Loomis regularly attend the biggest motorcycle races and bike week events, and have a preference for those close to their home. Below, we share some of Stan Loomis’s (and his wife’s) favorite Biking Destinations.

Florida is a popular riding destination for bikers the world over, and it really isn’t difficult to understand why. Beautiful year round weather, palm trees, gorgeous ocean roads, is extremely tempting for an avid biker like Stan Loomis.

Two of Stan Loomis’ favorite biking events for himself, Naomi, and Big Dog Wolf, are Daytona Beach’s Bike Week and Biketoberfest.

Daytona Bike Week is held over nine days in March and is one of the world’s most popular motorcycle events. It never fails to reward its visitors with a wide array of great biker bars, rocking live bands, and some of the best in races, activities and motorcycle displays. Next, of course is none other than Biketoberfest , which is a four day weekend in October, once again welcoming motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world. Biketoberfest, again, provides all the staples of an excellent motorcycle festival with live music, a slew of great biker bars to choose from, the best in biker merchandise, exciting rallies and shows, and some of the best motorcycles around.These two events , while not the only two Stan Loomis and his wife attend, are staples on their annual list, and should be on yours as well.

Learn more about Stan Loomis, visit his about.me profile. http://about.me/stanloomis

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